Quick Facts

Length of recording:

Technician: Randolph

Price: $37.00

Delivery: Immediate
Digital Download (MP3)

Guarantee: 56-day 100% refund if not satisfied

Chakra Toner

Recall the state of relaxation that's best for you anytime you need it . . .

Use the Chakra Toner MP3 to:

  • Unblock your Chakra centers and feel refreshed
  • Release tension and fatigue
  • Regain your energy and clear your energy pathways of resistance
  • Feel a deeper sense of spirituality and centeredness
  • Feel energized, relaxed and revitalized

Chakra Toner MP3 - Instructions

Like all Holothink programs, put on a pair of stereo headphones and press "Play" button on your MP3 player. The program will effortlessly begin to affect your brainwaves. Soon, the average user will experience the benefits of a body, mind and spirit that feels unblocked and energized!

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