Healthy Energy Cycle

December 17th, 2007
Author: Omid Jaffari

In order for energy to be transformed from one state to another,
it must be in constant flow through the body, (motion). The
body's chakras, or energy centres are a great example of the
dynamics that provide the impetus for this flow. Before we
continue, let us look at how the chakras work. A chakra is a
centre of activity that receives, assimilates, and expresses
life force energy. There are seven chakras and they are aligned
in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of
the head. Each chakra is associated with a certain colour,
specific functions, and aspects of your health (mind, body and
spirit). The type of food that we eat, with all its qualities,
and elements such as vitamins and minerals, have an affect on
our body's vital organs. Therefore, when a chakra's function is
impeded or stagnated, this condition will be reflected in a
decrease or distortion of its radiant output in the aura. The
definition of aura here means all the colours of the chakras
that radiate from top to bottom which are then released from the
body through the testis (between the legs), which then covers
the body like an egg shape. This oval shaped energy possesses
the qualities that represent your physical, psychic emotional
and spiritual health, as well as reflecting how you are
connected to the universe. It is important to note that the
stronger the energy that is formed around you in an oval shape
the stronger you will feel your connection to the universe. The
seven charkas are represented by seven colours, which reveal the
history of your organs (there are many theories, but our goal
here is to concentrate on how food affects our chakras) and how
these organs are functioning. Briefly when somebody says that
you have a "good vibe "etc. they notice this through your seven
auras, that vibrate out of you in an oval shape. 

Therefore, any density in our make up will hamper the flow of
energy through our molecules. One way of looking at illness is
to characterize it as stagnant energy, energy that is not being
heightened and transformed. The type of food that we eat is a
great example of how this stagnant energy works. The better the
quality of the raw food is we consume (the natural elements of
nature) the closer we become to the purity of the cycle of
energy that we get through the chakras and the less stagnant
energy flows through us. We might compare our energy flow to the
motion of a pendulum. At each end of the pendulum's swing, it
has accumulated the kinetic power it needs to move back in the
opposite direction. What happens when we hold onto energy? Well
let's say that one pole of the pendulum's swing is labelled
"positive" and the other "negative". If we swing to the positive
side and hold onto it, we are acting like goody-goodies, chirpy
and fun...loving life and at this point the charkas change into
bright colours that impact our surroundings with positive light,
vibration etc yet we refuse to look at the negative because we
think anything negative is bad.

A healthy body, in summary is a body whose elements are in
balance. We have said that radiant energy is the basic building
block of our bodies, as of the universe. This radiant energy,
which pervades all matter, naturally preserves its environment
in balance and harmony through the principles of resonance.
Sickness occurs when we inhabit this pulse, restrain our energy,
become uncreative, and resist the transitions through the
natural stages of our lives. 

With best wishes,


About the author:
Omid Jaffari is a healthy raw, vegan cookery writer, who also
has a website Tried*Tasted*Served filled with shopping tips,
suggestions on cooking, eBooks, raw food recipe and a weekly
free newsletter that you can sign up and to start benefiting
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